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Hey, Party People! 

We're proud to say that The Party is a female-led passion project -

meet the braintrust bringing their authentic TTRPG experiences to the scripted sphere

Margaret Borchert

Co-Creator, Director, Executive Producer

Blacklist recommended writer Margaret Borchert is a proud "vintage gay" who firmly believes her parents should have predicted her coming out years in advance because the only part of Star Wars she cared about was Princess Leia's metal bikini. She still holds a deep affinity for beautiful women in elaborate costumes and plans on including them in everything she makes. An LA native who's lived all over the world, she's worked as a Writers' PA on Freeform's THE BOLD TYPE, a writer/researcher on the Webby Award-winning podcast AN ORAL HISTORY OF: THE OFFICE with Brian Baumgartner, and as the assistant to TV writer Scarlett Lacey (MAGNUM P.I.; THE EMPRESS). In her free time, Margaret loves to play D&D and can be found DM-ing multiple campaigns for her friends. 

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Geneva Willis

Co-Creator, Executive Producer

A writer with 8 seasons of experience "fixing it in Post," Geneva Willis currently works as the Post Coordinator on WINNING TIME: RISE OF THE LAKERS DYNASTY. She was recently admitted to the PGA for her work on Season 11 of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. An LA transplant by way of rural Alabama, Geneva credits her parents for her love of classic sitcoms and genre fare. Although homeschooled, the oldest of six, and a nationally ranked Bible Quizzer, Geneva insists that she’s never been in a cult. Her prior television credits include STAR TREK: PICARD, THE ALIENIST: ANGEL OF DARKNESS, George Clooney's Hulu limited series CATCH-22, FOR LIFE, and THE CROSSING. When not writing with her creative partner, Margaret Borchert, Geneva can be found running her writers group, trying not to die (again) while playing Dungeons and Dragons, and participating in too many book clubs.

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Tori Chancellor

Writer, Executive Producer

Birthed fully-grown in a cosmic void more recently than you'd think, Tori Chancellor presently works at Sethmaker Shoemeyers Productions (Seth Meyers & Mike Shoemaker) as the assistant to Jason Carden, VP of development & production. Prior to that, she assisted literary manager & producer George Heller at Brillstein Entertainment Partners on a variety of projects such as the television reboot of THE MIGHTY DUCKS for Disney+ and Kaley Cuoco- led date night thriller ROLE PLAY. A queer woman of discerning taste, Tori greatly enjoys writing her own scripts, attending every comedy show out there, and worldbuilding with her friends in their ongoing Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

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