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The Party in The Press

Check out what people have been saying about our web series! 

Paste Magazine

"More than anything, this series is an excellent character study, one that uses its comedic situations and TTRPG slant to examine the complex relationships we build with one another through hobbies like Dungeons & Dragons, while also emphasizing how we can be shaped and changed by those around us in the best possible ways."


By Anna Govert

gaming trend.jpg

Gaming Trend

"If you don’t know much about film, you might not notice just how much they got right with limited resources. Over 90 minutes shot in 17 days, they pulled off a miracle with smart choices, hard work, and the right crew."

By John Farrell


"Dungeons & Dragons fans should find plenty of relatable shenanigans and player dynamics as well as a number of familiar faces as guest stars. Like its predecessors, The Party really is a love letter to the game it focuses on."

By Elizabeth MacAndrew 

asians represent.jpg

Asians Represent Podcast

Nabila Hossain (DM) and Zach Kumaishi (Yorick) of the D&D web series "The Party" join Daniel Kwan on the Asians Represent Podcast for a conversation about the importance of nuanced representation in film and TV and their experiences working as Asian actors in Hollywood. 

With Daniel Kwan

The Female Main Character

"Led by an astounding fresh-faced cast, balanced by established guest stars, and full of easter-egg-style cameos, the show’s seven episodes are full of heart, witty banter and charisma you won’t need to roll for, leaving room for an audience they may not be as familiar with the niche IP as the majority of their viewers, but able to relate nonetheless."

By Sydney Bolen

Drake Digital Morning Show

Drake Digital Morning Show

"It'd be easy to think this whole series, since it's in episodes on the internet, would be a cheap production depending on experienced D&D players to carry the charm and the humor. It's not. This is in all ways a professional and high-value and high-quality production."

With Wes Yahola

The Liberal Artists 

"The show is a brilliant web series about an eccentric D&D party and all the comedy, drama, and rules lawyer-ing that goes down when a new member enters the tavern." 

With Bodio Popoola & Kaylie Horowitz


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