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We're so excited to announce the Technical Difficulties Dragon shirt! Featuring Sparky, the bug-eyed dragon that appears on screen when The Ex's stream cuts in Episode 7, this is a LIMITED EDITION shirt that will only be available for a short period of time. 

If you want our very first piece of exclusive Party merch, pre-orders will begin August 25, 2023 and will remain open for 4 weeks. Once pre-orders are closed we will not be offering this shirt again. 


You've got questions, we've got answers! 

How much are shirts? 

$25 USD plus shipping

When do pre-orders start? 

This Friday! August 25, 2023

When do pre-orders end? 

September 22, 2023

What sizes will be available? 

Small through 2XL

Will you ship internationally? 

We currently offer international shipping to Canada and the United Kingdom. But we are working hard to extend this pre-order to fans around the world. It would help us greatly if you filled out this Google form with your name, email, and country so that we can attempt to expand our reach with these shirts! You will be contacted by email if we are able to expand this product to your region.

When will my shirt arrive? 

Once pre-orders are complete, we will be working with our print shop to get shirts out the door as quickly as possible. We anticipate that shirts will ship out in mid October 2023. 

Why are you doing pre-orders instead of just selling shirts? 

We want to be environmentally conscious and not be wasteful during this process! Doing a pre-order allows us to only print the number of shirts we need. This way we don't over-order and have shirts end up in a landfill or under-order and not everyone who wants a shirt can get one. 

Where are the shirts made? 

The shirts are designed, made, and printed in Los Angeles. We worked with the original artist, Spencer Hidalgo, to adapt the dragon design from Episode 7 for a t-shirt; the design is printed on 100% cotton shirts from Los Angeles Apparel; and we're working with a local LA print shop to ensure the highest quality screen printing possible. 

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